Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bunion Surgery Recovery

Wow, who would believe bunionectomy and the second toe being shortened would be so painful!?

Here's my mistake if anyone is interested:

Right after surgery on Thursday June 16 my wife drove us to Lansing area because the next day I was to have a wedding rehearsal and then the wedding on Saturday. Terrible mistake!! I should not have done the surgery. Most painful experience of my life and I could hardly focus on my pastoral duties.

Then, on Wednesday- still hobbled up with the surgical boot- we got our twin toddler grandsons for the next five days. Another bittersweet event! Besides them standing on my foot, bumping my foot, touching it, walking into and all the things that go with having toddlers, I was in tremendous pain and was not able to help my wife with them.

After dropping them off to their parents, my wife gets sick and ends up in the hospital! So my husbandly responsibilities draw me to the hospital 35 miles away each day.

To top everything off, I wrenched my back out! The clumping around finally took its toll.

Needless to say my doctor's response to my pain is I have to stay off of it. The burning and pain is barely bearable but I do sense improvement.

I'll keep trudging along. This next week looks busy but hopefully I can keep off of it as much as possible.

We'll see.

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